About The Writer

Hi everyone! I’m Jess Greene, a blogger, freelance writer, and upcoming novelist.

I started writing thanks to my grandmother; she picked up a manual typewriter from a yard sale for me. I was thrilled even though the keys stuck and I could hardly read or write at the time. My first writing project was a paranormal ghost story with atrocious spelling and a cliffhanger ending, but my mom kept it. Sometimes mothers just know when to keep things.

Since then, my writing changed a lot. Now I enjoy writing contemporary fiction and epic fantasy—both in the YA and NA age groups. I feel like these age groups are the most rewarding to write for.

My craft also improved thanks to my college education. I earned a bachelor’s degree in creative writing at Full Sail University, and I graduated in June of 2016. Graduation day was one of the most gratifying experiences of my life!

I started freelance writing shortly after graduation. If you would like to learn more about the services I offer, please email me at contact@redpenscribe.com or visit my services page.

I’m also working on two novels. One is a contemporary YA I temporarily put on the back-burner. The second, a fantasy for young adults, is in its infancy; I’m still working on world-building. You can get the updates on my novel in my blog.

In my blog, you can expect writing tips…lots of them! Writing prompts, printable resources, and book reviews are in the works as well. It’s exciting that you joined me here. I hope we can help each other gain the know-how and confidence to achieve our writing dreams!

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